Friday, June 5, 2009

Poptart Gun

This is the poptart gun Keith made on his way to school this morning. Hilarious...and a little messy in the backseat.


Backing out of the driveway this morning, I noticed neither one of the kids had on their seatbelt.

Me: "You guys need to get buckled pronto! Emily, help Keith. Keith, pull your belt over for Emily."

Keith: "Emily buckle me?"

Me: "Yes. Now pull your seatbelt over to help her."

Emily: "Yeah...I'm not a miracle worker here!"


On the way to a birthday party last weekend, Emily and I were sitting at a red light when a soldier crossed the street in front of us.

Emily: "Mommy, that soldier is SMOKING!"

Me: "Yep, he sure is."

Emily: "HOW is he going to defend our freedom when his lungs are black and he can't breathe to run? If someone tries to get me a cigarette, I'm going to say No! You are not my friend!"

That's my girl.

I told some friends at the birthday party what Emily had said and one of the husbands commented "The brainwashing has begun."

Well, yes...yes, it has!


Chorus said...

You have the coolest kids!

Mandy said...

yes, but what FLAVOR poptart??!!!

Julie said...

Chorus - Thank You!

Mandy - Frosted brown sugar cinnamon...the best flavor!

themeltonfamilyadventures said...

Emily needs to be the spokeswoman for the American Cancer Society!!! You need to start booking her for school assemblies now!